Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance can be confusing, but we make it easy for you. Simply bring your insurance card into our office, or call our dental office to speak a member of our friendly team. We'll be happy to tell you what we estimate your insurance will cover. We are a preferred provider for most PPO insurance plans and you will gain the full benefit of participating in these plans.

It is important to remember that dental insurance is designed to help pay a portion of the fees charged by your dentist for routine and necessary dental care. Most plans will have an annual deductible that must be paid by the patient before they will begin paying for services. This deductible can range from as little as $25 to $150 and is based on the specific plan with which you or your employer chose to participate. After this deductible is met, your plan will cover a percentage of procedures that deemed to be routine care and/or necessary treatment. You will be responsible for the portion estimated not covered by your plan at the time of your treatment.

In Network Insurance